If you look through any of my blog posts about dark web hitmen, you’ll find dozens of bizarre rants from him under several different names. He said they're not in touch at all anymore and that he doesn't know Yura's real name or location, but wishes he did because Yura scammed him, too. I know Yura is Lisa | CBS News consultant: Looking for criminals on the dark web … is not for the faint of heart. Lisa: From a digital forensics perspective, this is a huge lead.

We eventually had a huge fight and he deleted all the contact points I had for him. And considering the large number of data breaches, it’s actually easier and cheaper to assume your information has been compromised and practice good privacy habits, like frequent password changes.
In 2018, we wrote to him on his website asking for an interview. Alexis Stern: So, we started driving around town, taking detours. She says the murder-for-hire sites are all about making big money, and that she found millions of dollars of profits in an online account she believes is linked to Yura. "48 Hours" also tipped off detective Michael Ulrey in Clarksville, Tennessee, who broke the news to then 22-year-old Sydney Minor, a single mom. They would never be arrested if they would delete all traces from their computers, or smash their computers all along after the order, As you can see, police arrested customers after they got some targets info from a hacker, and targets gave clues of who might want them dead, and police then found some traces of the computers of those people, With no traces, no arrests can ever be made. "48 Hours" staked out Adrian fry's house in England – the young man Alexis believes ordered her murder and asked Yura about obtaining a gun. Using the email address dogdaygod@hmamail.com, he wrote to a person he knew only as Yura. Our secret weapon: a dark web intelligence analyst, working under the alias "Lisa," to scour the digital world for Yura's real identity and location. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. Yura had no incentive and no reason to betray his customers, but Chris has hacked and closed many dark web sites including several hitmen sites. Lisa: In this case, we've got this very unique password of Frunza22.

And as the cases of Amy Allwine and Alexis Stern show, even if Yura's hit man sites are scams, the customers paying him to have people killed are horrifyingly real. As our global hunt for Yura intensifies, we're reminded that his borderless reach from the bottom of the Internet has left shattered lives in his wake: Amy Allwine murdered and others, marked for death, living in perpetual fear. Lisa: Everyone can be found. Digging through that treasure trove, Lisa believes she's unearthed a few gold nuggets – including Yura's likely password from one of his early murder-for-hire sites. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. It can only be accessed via tools like TOR that wrap up your identity in a series of layers, rerouting your traffic until no trace of your original identity is left.
For days, it seemed like nobody was home. Sorry, but the page you are looking for doesn't exist. Peter Van Sant: What had happened the day before, July 14? A restaurant not far from where we met him. The Darkest Web is now available on Kindle in the Amazon US and Canadian stores. It’s also important to understand that the dark web is only one way of selling a stolen identity, as identity thieves can just as easily get this information through phishing or stealing your mail. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.
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