The architecture of San Juan is very diverse, due to its size and all the cultural influences received during its existence.
Weather-wise it is a great month to visit San Juan, but you may find it a little more crowded as mid-December to mid-April is the peak tourist season. Most humid month in San Juan is November. The plans for redevelopment also hope to make the city more appealing in order to attract new residents, as San Juan has suffered from a shrinking population over the past 60 years.[88]. Mean monthly maxima and minima (i.e. [61] On January 23, 1984 both of these edifices were catalogued as being part of humanity's cultural patrimony. San Jorge Children's Hospital: The most well known children's hospital in the San Juan Metropolitan Area. Founded in the mid-1850s, Río Piedras was a separate town which hosted sugar cane plantations and the estates of some of San Juan's wealthiest inhabitants (as well as their working class staff). EST is 0 hours ahead of San Juan, Puerto Rico time. According to the 2006–2008 American Community Survey, 87.5% of San Juan's population was native and 12.5% were foreign-born. During the 20th century, the main population centers surged well beyond the walls of the old city and onto Puerto Rico's main island, and merged with the existing settlements east and south of Old San Juan. Among the uprising's main objective was to attack "La Fortaleza" (the Governors mansion) and the United States Federal Court House Building in Old San Juan. The 65th Infantry was deactivated in 1956 and became the only unit ever to be transferred from an active Army component to the Puerto Rico National Guard. It is operated jointly by the Puerto Rico Department of Corrections and the Medical Services Administration. [15] After a few months of English occupation, Clifford was forced to abandon the siege when his troops began to suffer from exhaustion and sickness. The paintings displayed in the permanent exhibition are either acquired by the museum's administrative personnel or donated by artists and collectors.

As of mid-2010, the government has approved plans for a redesign of this Puerto Rican city, featuring a new mass transit system, new roads and intersections, and more beach-access points. In addition to running the city's day-to-day operations and supervising associated departments, the mayor is responsible for appointing a secretary-auditor and a treasurer. Puerto Rico does not operate Daylight-Saving Time.

The other 0.7% were born in a different U.S. territory or born abroad to American parents.

[78], San Juan is home to many of Puerto Rico's institutions of higher learning. Highest temperature in San Juan is recorded as 89.6℉ in August, September and October. The international dialling code for Puerto Rico Time are +1 787 and +1 939. San Juan Pediatric Hospital - Also operated by the San Juan municipal government.
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