At Quail Hollow in May, Tiger did indeed boast a 122-mph average swing speed, which is indeed faster than he’s been swinging the club on average since his knee surgery. Another facet of Woods' swing to copy is the way he takes the club back, Leadbetter says.

At the conclusion of this year's Wells Fargo Championship, having competed in seven PGA Tour events, Tiger Woods ranked 206th on tour in fairway accuracy (51 percent). But it's not hard to determine on which side of his career he enjoyed more success.

And the fact that Woods can swing in excess of 120 mph, but his clubshaft isn't parallel to the ground at the top, proves that you don't need a long, unwieldy backswing to generate real power. In the past, Woods' finish often had a "manufactured" or off-balance look, Leadbetter says, as a result of trying to square the club with an out-of-sync swing.

He's maintaining his height much better, and that gives him room to powerfully release the club. He is probably not going full out on every swing, and that is reflected in these stats. He was at last week’s presidential debate in (…), ECCO GOLF shoes in more colors and styles than ever before, Women's All-Pro Tour to stage two-week, multi-format tournament at World Golf Village, Jack Nicklaus explains why he voted for President Donald Trump, APGA 2021 schedule includes Torrey Pines, Valhalla, five TPC courses, Bubba Watson on dealing with anxiety: 'I thought I was going to die', Toni Hakula's globe-trotting golf journey spans Europe and the Americas. Bermuda Championship: Who could be this year's Brendon Todd? Not necessarily.

Even the wild ones have plenty of power. HIS SWING LOOKS MORE GRACEFUL.” —DAVID LEADBETTER. Realistically, to win the World Long Drive Championships, you need to be swinging in the mid-140s (the average champion is 146 mph based on 7 champions). "The biggest thing to note is his transition from backswing to downswing. It is important to remember, however, that there is a good chance Tiger Woods’ swing speed can be much faster through whenever he wants to. The key move, the one amateurs should strive to copy, Leadbetter says, is letting speed build as it approaches the ball and swinging the club fastest through impact. Similarly, Woods has had to adjust his swing to cope with a multitude of injuries and, most recently, surgery that fused vertebrae in his lower back. United States. Hogan won six of his nine major championships after the car crash.

He has eliminated the violent move into the ball. Leadbetter circles back to the concept of good rhythm as the hallmark of great driving.

Las Vegas,Nevada 89134-6299 "That's why these photos taken early in the season are very interesting," Leadbetter says. His arms and club are fully extended, and he finishes in a relaxed position.

Beef. That year, his average was 122.99, above long hitters like John Daly and Bubba Watson. Woods' swing looks a lot more in sync with great rhythm.". There is a good chance that the slowing of Tiger Woods’ swing speed numbers has as much to do with strategy and decision making than it does with losing power. RELATED: Breaking Down Tiger Woods' New Swing Photo by Dom Furore WOODS’ DRIVER SWING SPEED IS 8 MILES PER HOUR FASTER THAN THE PGA TOUR AVERAGE OF 113 MPH. It's much quieter than it used to be.

He has an incredible short game, an accurate iron game, tremendous imagination, and a legendary ability to focus and handle pressure down the stretch of big tournaments. If you liked this article and you think it would help another golfer, please like it.

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While playing on Tour, Tiger is more concerned with the outcome on the scorecard than impressing with high swing speed numbers. The turning of his body and his arm swing finish almost in unison at the top. He then makes a simple move back to his left side and the arms drop, so he can deliver the full force of his arms and hands into the ball without getting stuck, Leadbetter says. This move encourages the body to coil, not just turn, with the shoulders rotating on a slightly tilted axis. Looking back to 2007, the first year the PGA Tour kept swing speed numbers, Tiger Woods’ swing speed could be found on top of the leaderboard. He could unleash his power at just the right time, and smash the ball incredible distances.

Top 50 Classic Courses in Great Britain & Ireland, Top 35 Modern Courses in Great Britain & Ireland, Billy Casper Golf management company rebrands itself as Indigo Golf Partners, Opinion: Jack Nicklaus' support of President Donald Trump disappointing but not surprising, A flat tire almost got Ernie Els DQ'd from a PGA Tour Champions event. Is this a sign that Tiger Woods’ swing speed is not as fast as it once was? The more tournaments Tiger has played, the more comfortable he has started to look, hitting more fairways. "Stuck is the feeling Tiger complained of frequently when he would get his arms trapped behind his body," he says.

Those could be said to include –. "Here, Tiger has plenty of room for his arms to accelerate into the ball.

Ben Hogan was a great player before and after a near-fatal car accident in 1949. “HE’S MOVING BETTER THAN I’VE SEEN IN QUITE A WHILE. Tiger Woods Slow Mo Driver Swing | TaylorMade Golf - YouTube ", RELATED: Breaking Down Tiger Woods' New Swing. PRO-FILE: TIGER WOODS different web browser. It is interesting to see how these numbers have changed over time. "I really liked what I saw of Tiger's swing on the practice tee at the Masters, and what he's been able to do overall since having that back-fusion surgery," Leadbetter says, pausing for a moment before finishing with a joke. His fastest swing was measured at an incredible 127.08, and the slowest at 114.76. Tiger Woods remains one of the most powerful golfers in the game, and despite dropping a few miles per hour in the stats over the last few years, can still bomb the ball out there with the best of them. BALL: Bridgestone Tour BXS. by Matt Ristine | Apr 16, 2014 | Golf Swing Speed |, There are many things that have made Tiger Woods one of the very best players in the history of the game. Early-season performances like at the Farmers Insurance Open, where he hit only 17 fairways in four rounds, contributed a lot to his ranking and aren't indicative of what he should expect going forward, says Golf Digest 50 Best Teacher David Leadbetter. If he can stick with the changes seen here, his driving will be much more reliable, Leadbetter says.

Clearly, Tiger’s swing has slowed over the last few seasons.

To learn more about Swing Man Golf products, click here. Instruction with Steve Scott: Try putting with the 'Gator Clamp', John Daly's favorite things are causing his cancer: 'Alcohol. Woods appears to start down slower than in the past but then really whips the club through the hitting area.

Woods keeps the club in front of his torso, and the clubhead stays outside the path of his hands and close to the target line. His highest individual measurement came in at 121.51, with the lowest at 115.13. He could generate that power because of a number of elements. "After the accident, his injuries prompted him to instinctively calm down his leg action and shorten his swing, which made it more efficient, repetitive and gave him supreme control over his shotmaking.". Diet drinks. By quieting excessive lower-body motion, Woods has more stability in his swing, giving him greater balance. Swing Man Golf ©2007-2020 All Rights Reserved. His highest individual measurement came in at 121.51, with the lowest at 115.13. Woods was second in the field in driving distance at the Honda Classic. By: Craig Dolch, Special to The Post, BOCA RATON, Florida – You never know where you’re going to see John Daly these days. Milk. In the 2013 season, Tiger Woods’ swing speed on the PGA Tour was officially an average of 118.30 miles per hour. If you look at this view of his driver swing above, take note how loaded he is as he completes the backswing.

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In his prime, watching Tiger Woods’ hit a golf ball was unlike anything else in the sport. See how his right arm is really giving the ball a whack and is crossing over the left in the follow-through. His body used to complete the turn, and then his arms would run on independently trying to catch up on the downswing.".

Rhythm means the flow in which he transitions from backswing to downswing. Whether or not it's a side effect of his back issues, his calmer, better synchronized backswing has a more efficient look, Leadbetter says. Check out Golf Digest All Access to get over 150 lessons on any of your devices, at any time. This is about 20 mph faster than the fastest PGA TOUR players and over 30 mph faster than an average PGA TOUR player. It doesn’t do Tiger any good to play from the rough in an effort to hit is as far as he can, and he surely knows that.

In fact, his driver clubhead speed is one of the fastest on tour (121 miles per hour on average). And by rhythm, Leadbetter says he doesn't mean Woods is swinging his driver slower than he did before the surgery. Bombing it off the tee is great fun, but they don’t give trophies to the guys with the longest drives. In the 2013 season, Tiger Woods’ swing speed on the PGA Tour was officially an average of 118.30 miles per hour. "Prior to the accident, Hogan had a fairly long swing with very aggressive lower-body motion and hip rotation," Leadbetter says.

DRIVER: TaylorMade M3 460 (8.5 degrees) AGE: 42 / 6-1 / 185 pounds Jupiter, Fla. "It appears to be more synchronized. You are using an unsupported version of Internet Explorer. At the end of the day, there is only one thing that pays the bills on Tour – low scores.

"It's a great one-piece motion—the chest, arms and club are all moving back together with plenty of width," he says. Whether he was pounding his driver down the fairway, or hitting the two iron ‘stinger’ for control, the power that Tiger exhibited was truly something to behold. By exercising some control over his swing, and losing a few MPH’s as a result, Tiger is likely making a conscious decision to optimize his game. "There's a lot to like here, but it was probably to be expected that it would take Tiger a few tournaments until he could trust this swing and feel comfortable with his new process.

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