—Hamsini Hariharan is the host of the States of Anarchy podcast. Image via Pixabay. I am married to an excellent teacher and wife. And in China, teacher’s day is currently on September 10th. Being an educator in China is no easy task. Teachers in ancient China received great honor. Teachers’ Day in China (教师节 jiào shī jié) is observed annually on September 10th. Thank you! Very often Chinese teachers acted as mentors throughout their whole life. Teachers’ Day dates through 2026 are below. Beijing ICP prepared NO.16065310-3, China's Teachers' Day is a reminder to pay gratitude to teachers. Studies suggest that Chinese academics are possibly the most overworked in the world. However, with the second world war and the struggle between the Communists and Nationalists, the idea was shelved as China struggled with major societal change. ©TV18 Broadcast Limited.

If a current proposal is adopted, China’s Teachers’ Day would then fall on the same date the holiday is celebrated in Hong Kong and Taiwan. In China, Teacher’s day is celebrated on September 10 every year, to indicate the deep respect that Chinese society holds for teachers. Long before there was a Teachers' Day, disciples (students) honoured their teacher's … The modern holiday was awarded a national status on January 21, 1985. Depending on who you ask, Teacher’s day in China has a different history.

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