Remember the most important thing is that your trying to get the perfect weight, head design and grip to improve your putting. When you putt with the standard putting grip, you are also more likely to overpower your left hand with your right hand. A remedy for this is using an untapered grip that is the same thickness throughout (Super Stroke or Golf Pride Tour Snsr). I’m left handed but play & swing right handed. Many top players today still use this grip.

display: none!important; When your right hand takes over control, it closes your putter face prematurely. Thanks. .custom-author-box .code-block, .author-information div { (function(d){var s=d.createElement('script');s.type='text/javascript';s.src='';s.async=true;s.dataset.campaign='vt3spq8huraekf5lr6ma';s.dataset.user='6200';d.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(s);})(document); Nick Banks is a Class AA PGA Professional.

It is so named after the famous British golfer that was the first to promote its benefits and win major tournaments with it, Harry Vardon.

With the right hand in this position, it becomes very difficult to twist or turn the putter face producing a more robust and consistent stroke, especially under pressure. You take the conventional Vardon style of full swing and modify it so that your left forefinger rests on top of the fingers of your right hand. A popular solution to a twitchy left wrist is to change the relationship of your hands and putt left-hand low.

Hi guys. clear:both; display:none !important; Most players are used to this grip. /* ----------------------------------------- */, Golf Swing Tips: 4 Reasons Why They Don’t Work, PuttOut Trainer Review – A Simple Design Removes Barriers to Putting Practice, 8 Golf Trips That You Should Be Considering, A Lesson on Lessons – How to Work More Effectively With a Golf Coach. }

With the left hand below the right on the handle, your shoulders will automatically square themselves to the target line, resulting in a straighter putting stroke. .custom-author-box { } Some people like the extra weight or different sized putters because of the way the putter head lines up. This was the accepted standard and it was seldom questioned. In Scott's IMA video when teaching the IMA grip he says that a golfer can use a ten finger grip or separate the hands or use a reverse overlap grip but he never says to use a Vardon normal overlap grip while using the IMA swing. There is no right or wrong way when it comes to putting grip styles.

If you’re at home, you could use a practice aid like the Perfect Practice Putting Mat to experiment.

My putting strategy is simple. Golfers are taught to hold the angle of their left wrist through impact. } 50 BERRY STREET, LEVEL 7 Defining and analysing humour is a pastime of humourless people. This is because the best way to hold the putter has become anyone's guess. Pros of the Reverse Overlap Putting Grip. A heavy putter really changes the stroke type not so much the grip type. Join our community and interact with other Practical Golf readers! There are a few ways to determine this. /* ----------------------------------------- */ Home   |   About   |   About this Site   |   Contact   |   Site Search. There are a number of different grips you can now choose from.

You took the conventional Vardon grip of the full swing and modified it so that your left forefinger rested on top of the fingers of your right hand. ABN: 87 007 336 736. When you putt with the standard putting grip, you are also more likely to overpower your left hand with your right hand. For the Tour Pros it is the one that allows them to consistently square the putterface at impact under the pressure of competition. Over the years the grip options for a full golf swing have remained mostly the same. However, we are born with a preference for one hand over the other. It might turn out that the way you originally gripped the club still works best but without exploring your options who knows how good your putting and ultimately score will be. This style takes away both common faults that conventional putting grip styles encounter, with the left hand acting as a deterrent for the right hand to over power. I hope that this might helps. /* ----------------------------------------- */ /* ----------------------------------------- */

right: 0px; There are no rules about sticking primarily to one putting grip style, like using only one type of shot in your long game.

However, putting grip styles have evolved quite a bit in recent times. This was the accepted standard and it was seldom questioned. such as the SuperStroke, 2Thumb, BigLite, and Tiger Shark, it is now also possible to balance both hands by placing them side-by-side on the grip. If your left shoulder is farther behind the door jamb than your right, you have open shoulders.

101 Mistakes All Golfers Make is your complete guide to golf. } It will be your reference guide for years to come! .non-logged-in-ad-block {

} In the ideal putting stroke both hands work in unison.

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