If the memory strength value for a test item is above the criterion, then an “old” response is made; otherwise, if the memory strength value is below the criterion, then a “new” response is made. The attention to internal representation hypothesis posits that parietal regions shift and maintain attention to memory representations [73]. Kowalska, D., Ku mierek, P., Kosmal, A., & Mishkin, M. (2001). Yonelinas, A. Exemplar models assume that people access memory traces (perhaps subconsciously) of exemplars when asked to recognize or categorize. Thus, rather than consisting of two separate categories, single-process models regard recognition memory as a continuum ranging from weak memories to strong memories. The speed and accuracy of an old/new recognition judgment are two components in a series of cognitive processes that allow humans to identify and respond to potential dangers in their environments [82]. (2007). Jonathan L. Melamed, ... Marilia Barros, in Progress in Brain Research, 2017. [74] However, the hippocampus does not seem to be the "storehouse" of memory. The apparatus and objects used were also cleaned with a 70% ethanol solution after every trial, which were held between 14:00 and 17:00 h. Anne M. Cleary, in Learning and Memory: A Comprehensive Reference (Second Edition), 2017, An idea that has continually found a place at the forefront of recognition memory research for decades is that feelings of familiarity with a stimulus can occur in the absence of retrieval of specifics about any prior experience that might be responsible for that familiarity (e.g., Cleary, 2008; Diana et al., 2006; Yonelinas, 2002; Yovel and Paller, 2004). More recent neuroimaging research has begun to demonstrate that the parietal lobe plays an important, though often subtle[81] role in recognition memory as well. [43] Both types of errors can be elicited through both auditory and visual modalities, suggesting that the processes that produce these errors are not modality-specific. 187–245 in M. Conway, S. Gathercole, & C. Cornoldi (Eds.). [67] In addition to brain imaging techniques, the role of the ATL in gustatory recognition is evidenced by the fact that lesions to this area result in an increased threshold for taste recognition for humans. All of these problems with SDT can be addressed by using models of the decision-making process such as the diffusion model and variations of it. [65] Physiological Research, 51, S3-S11. University of Waterloo. Recognition Errors. Finally, a third type of competing model assumes that recognition decisions for studied items are based on a mixture of two types of trials, those on which the study item was attended and those for which it was not. For example, it is well documented that the fusiform gyrus (FFA) in the inferior temporal lobe is heavily involved in face recognition. Levels of processing: A framework for memory research. Because the ability to show recognition memory during an inability to access the targets might seem intuitively similar to the tip-of-the-tongue experience, a number of studies have examined the possible relationship between such recognition without identification effects and reports of tip-of-the-tongue experiences (e.g., Cleary, 2006; Cleary et al., 2010, 2014; Cleary and Reyes, 2009; Cleary and Specker, 2007). (2001). If the items are highly interrelated, lower-depth item-specific processing (such as rating the pleasantness of each item) helps to distinguish them from one another, and improves recognition memory performance over relational processing [25]. For example, Cleary (2006) found that among general knowledge questions for which the answer could not be identified, participants rated the likelihood that the target was studied as being higher among targets that actually were studied than among targets that were not. This measure of visual and verbal memory allows clinicians to quickly distinguish between right- and left-hemisphere brain damage—and to make judgments about localization. [78] In the process of object recognition, visual information from the occipital lobes (such as lines, movement, colour etc.) The biology of recognition memory. Strictly speaking, recognition is a process of memory retrieval. [1] Recollection is the retrieval of details associated with the previously experienced event.

Is the posterior parietal lobe involved in working memory retrieval? Thinking  -

This region of the brain shows greater activation during segments of recognition tasks containing primarily old stimuli, versus primarily new stimuli. [45] Similarly, the fusiform face area, located in the right hemisphere, is linked specifically to the recognition of faces. The hippocampus is also useful in the familiarity vs. recollection distinction in recognition as mentioned above. Behavioral research has supported the idea that item recognition can be supported by either the assessment of familiarity or the recollection of specific details associated with the item (Yonelinas, 2002). If the items are highly interrelated, lower-depth item-specific processing (such as rating the pleasantness of each item) helps to distinguish them from one another, and improves recognition memory performance over relational processing. What is known at present is that most of a number of neuroanatomical regions involved in recognition memory are primarily associated with one subcomponent over the other. Some researchers have speculated that prefrontal damage may selectively affect recollection (Squire and Knowlton, 1995; Davidson and Glisky, 2002; Gold et al., 2006), based on reports of recollection deficits among the healthy elderly (Davidson and Glisky, 2002) and among amnesic patients with Korsakoff's syndrome (Squire and Knowlton, 1995). This relates to signal-detection theory, and accounts for recollected items being perceived as ‘older’ than familiar items.

Feature and conjunction errors in recognition memory: Evidence for dual-process theory. https://www.britannica.com/topic/recognition-memory, University of South Florida - Recognition Memory, University of Bristol - Recognition Memory.

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