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s. of support for . {�\0����62��}�)�`0!����:��r����;K��߯�6������;�S����q����͵�+�����:��{����w�����M�:~{4���Mx��d����G�p�^�}{`��N;�C�}o�����:m�>�N��h�|~�Cx�fyc+�I��o��+ MTSS is a term used to describe an evidence-based model of educating students that uses data and problem solving to integrate academic, behavior, and social- emotional instruction and intervention �@D���?A�;�����MU���2�1L�z�Z��"�{�������WDx�Տ�Q��TΡux���!��31�,��7��3�

a�֭�qco����{�s;��y�G�kk^� �I�����_� �⡏�%-&G���$���ۦ �ۜ��۲HI�-� x8������ﻝ�3. Literacy. ��� N _rels/.rels �(� ���JA���a�}7� �y��� �� PK ! $��n@��B�Е�� �_�:F��{��^�h����s7? ��)���/�_�Æ��l5�� D���a����=\�� f��ˉ�ao�.b*lI�r�j)�,l0�%��b�

��{�) g� word/document.xml�}io�N�����;X�hF��;���#�웳u����&�� ^��|�9� 0Nl���OK�,EQUg������Ӂ�;a����-�;��p���q��ݭ�+s[�jD�5�X�?tv���h��?�����NǷGg7��a�3 �ݭ~;�fd���}�v�G~7�n�������Ӝ�a��P4E��o;Q�Ӭ�؊������3�gu�p`��w?�5V�0 MTSS Checklist TIER 1 TIER 2 TIER 3 Reading Early Warning System MTSS-B MTSS Checklist: Below is a checklist to help guide the RtI process. �ג�5> � word/document.xml�}�o�������@y5�w�7��%�����}! �����ݶ���M Y3���(�ڞuo�I:�~dw�soQ���N=��f�x�����5�m ^��ui��K�^v�$�����^y�9�CkS���\s��Inx�8����j�E�z�e��&f}X��gf=X�p��zC�\����������Z;>��B�\�g�@(/�j�J ̑�e� The evidence-based instruction is provided to students typically in a group format.


Welcome to the MTSS Center. The problem-solving process is used to develop evidence-based interventions to accelerate the development of those skills. 6�i���D�_���, � ���|u�Z^t٢yǯ;!Y,}{�C��/h> �� PK ! f�ܙ�~& ��)5���ZA���6�r,�gMU�|CZQ��� o�r����6�/��+}+��u��H.%��s���qpY���%1po2 literacy.

�y��� MTSS Implementation Checklist. The purpose of this checklist is to determine the extent to which school personnel are implementing the core features of school-wide multi-tiered system. Elementary All-in-One Checklist. [5n��޺(�G͗AA�J���(c�L��OB�S�I����־�����-�#�C�@��~¦��g�#��Z���G�H$!��K�Z~8﵎�cڢT H�$��l~`� �N�� �^Y��Rh�[�=�����mH9�;�G!q.�֗L�m���͉�Rp��.0�Z�mX�Cr���t�H���� �=/���?���V8��B���� !�n�$�l�\g7��I�? The purpose of this checklist is to determine the extent to which school personnel are implementing the core features of school-wide multi-tiered system. ���F���ܔ��Fz�io��+�Ȝ�����v� ����c��z����s�^5�ΐZ���͛_�� �� PK !

PK ! MTSS IMPLEMENTATION RUBRIC 3 II. Q�{� � word/_rels/document.xml.rels �(� �U�R�0�;�?tr������:�U��5��6�$�dQ�{m�\:�/���ח��ٯ��o0Vh��$�׹PeJ޲�;Yd*g�V��X2�^^L^�f�^��hl�(�� Since 2007, the MTSS Center has been a national leader in supporting states, districts, and schools across the country in implementing an MTSS framework that integrates data and instruction within a multi-level prevention system to maximize student achievement and support students’ social, emotional, and behavior needs from a strengths-based perspective. [5n��޺(�G͗AA�J���(c�L��OB�S�I����־�����-�#�C�@��~¦��g�#��Z���G�H$!��K�Z~8﵎�cڢT H�$��l~`� This instrument is used to measure school-level implementation of a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS).

��� S [Content_Types].xml �(� ���n�0E����D���(,g�$�&@]�[��L��q�}��-8�`�U� ����c4�z1u�!jgKvQ�XV:���d?����EV��Y(�"�Z|�0_�����R�r��װ�^�G��y6���Y�9& ��_C%�5f7/��%y�fٷv`�*�6I� �ޜ u|�#���H��OV�!��Te6c�F����Y�C���:6���Q9�V�݋�߅!t����ɭ�y�ez8]Ui ]~R��I�����E1B���Ft淩�F0���x1�MzPCW�>��vkV�~���btҧ "���H�w"����w̤ھ�� �P�^����O֛���;��aYՠ؛`G�kxm��PY�[��g Gΰino�/"f3��\�ȾT��I S����������W����Y ig�@��X6_�]7~

�N�� �^Y��Rh�[�=�����mH9�;�G!q.�֗L�m���͉�Rp��.0�Z�mX�Cr���t�H���� �=/���?���V8��B���� !�n�$�l�\g7��I�? MTSS implementation • Family and community engagement • Staff are provided data on MTSS implementation fidelity and student outcomes Data Evaluation Problem Solving Process Multiple Tiers of Instruction & Intervention Leadership Capacity Building Infrastructure Communication & Collaboration . �����9� ��j{У �5pEn� f��;O�4��N`��AgwK4i��9}���i�G)��$��� c��Ųҝ�5���3�x�g9AQȃ���;q;�D�q�{����ອ&���v�~fg��f��ٕ�W�;f-U�gٗGU^�1o\�3�[W�����뿼���Ո���W巺* �m�lEWCNS�[]��7�C��[����Ҍ�fwY���rܛ���7��KovW�����j�ap�] V.�� � ��&Z+݊l��fyn;t����0�!d�&ݤ)�4��-!޴١�~7w0ŋ�ph�7h#?�j}4�F�y��4��4��*��XC���W��7u���!�ca� `B����s��N&b��;Hl�[O����h;}w�-�\������m��YO�(>j�|��jX��O�@�@ƙ�Y"�Q


�� PK ! ���F���ܔ��Fz�io��+�Ȝ�����v� ����c��z����s�^5�ΐZ���͛_�� �� PK ! Q�{� � word/_rels/document.xml.rels �(� �U�R�0�;�?tr������:�U��5��6�$�dQ�{m�\:�/���ח��ٯ��o0Vh��$�׹PeJ޲�;Yd*g�V��X2�^^L^�f�^��hl�(�� MTSS Implementation Checklist.

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