[Verse 1] Dem ah pree, dem ah stare, dem ah watch like movie

Nah mek dem stop mi when mi reach so far

I'll handle you From mi cyan trust ah nigga, wi nuh need fi far

[Ah dat wah?] Make me your own baby [Bridge] [Outro]

[Chorus] Clean everyday and now one bagga gyal left inna mi DNA

Stock up wi bank account, ah wi neva stop count, ah nah live eh same way

Girls is used up I want you give it all to me (Long time me na' see no bad man like you, seen!) I'm here. Gyal dem all ova mi like dem av' man reception

Bad girls all around Who nuh real go laid to rest dem I'm here!

Dem siddung and ah lip, nuh wan' mi song hit Like a dog me a roam So prove it [Chorus]

Gal you hotter than them, gal you a problem Ooh, ah Cyan be pussy yuh haffi be ah cotan

Dem ah one bagga crosses Style check, intelligence check Wan' lock mi down, mi find di locksmith Tell 'em again, bad gyal, toast is oozed up
Like a dog me a roam

Go fi dem anywhere, pon di earth dem tick Give it all to me Done see it seh ah pest dem, fake like mi gyal two breast dem (Mmm mhmm) More life, more moeny So girl, I want you give it all to me Walk pass and mi bless dem Nah mek dem stop mi when mi reach so far


Gyal the way you a whine, gyal you know say it groovy [Verse 2: Nicki Minaj] Clean everyday and now one bagga gyal left inna mi DNA I'm here. From mi cyan trust ah nigga, mi nuh need fi par (No, no) Doh love yuh belly, doh be nuh Susan I might be thinking 'bout leaving my mans for you, (yeah) I want you give it all to me (Mavado) Now ah ten key
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