Johannmeyer was among the occupants of the so-called Führerbunker, the underground headquarters in encircled Berlin (where Hitlercommitted suicide) and was also present at Hitler's last birthday ceremony on 20 April 1945. When the goddess Nemesis began to avenge his hubris, he lost his nerve."

Here they met up with General Weidling.

Goebbels used modernpropaganda techniques to psychologically prepare the German people for aggressive warfare.

In 1936, he treated Heinrich Hoffmann for gonorrhea and claimed to have cured him.

This pronouncement was met with protest from Jewish human rights groups and Nazi-hunters like Simon Wiesenthal who insisted the search must continue until Bormann was found, alive or dead. William Dowling, Bridget's father, threatened to have Alois arrested for kidnapping, but Bridget dissuaded him. Hewel tended to be shy around women, and as a result, Hitler often tried to play matchmaker for him. Alois was 39 years old at the time and was well-known in the community as Alois Schicklgruber. Born in Wegeleben (now in Saxony-Anhalt) in the Kingdom of Prussia in the German Empire, Bormann was born to a Lutheran family, the son of Theodor Bormann (1862–1903), a post office employee, and his second wife, Antonie Bernhardine Mennong.

Morell was well-known in Germany for his unconventional treatments.

Here he is passing in review a contingent of the Hitler Youth led  by Arthur Axmann who were used to defend Berlin and some strategic bridges. One of Hitler’s staunchest supporters, he too was a target of von Ribbentrop’s agents.

Gebhardt eventually rose to the rank of Gruppenführer in the Allgemeine SS and a Major General (Generalmajor) in the Waffen SS. In 1941, she sold her memoirs of her years with Hitler to the Eher Verlag, which brought her 20,000 Reichsmark.

According to other sources, Johannmeyer died in Frankfurt am Main. Almost all accounts of Hewel described him as a pleasant and good-natured, if not quite intelligent, man.

On 16 May he was captured by American paratroopers of the 101st Airborne Division in a shoemaker's house in the village of Schleching. He died in a Moscow prison in 1949. But Below, with the rank of colonel, was one of the few members of Hitler's entourage to continually serve in a close capacity for so many years. After the war, she lived in Düsseldorf, where she worked at the Hotel Eden. Prosecutors presented evidence that Ribbentrop was actively involved in the planning of German aggression and the deportation of Jews to death camps, as well as his advocacy of the killing of American and British airmen shot down over Germany. On 29 April 1945, Burgdorf, Krebs, Joseph Goebbels, and Martin Bormann witnessed and signed Hitler's last will and testament. A dental examination of those  two bodies was made on 11 May by Pr Hugo Blaschke and his technician Käthe Heusermann who stated that the bodies en question were those of Adolf and Eva Hitler. Nothing remains of the house or those that surrounded it, and the area was eventually cleared and grassed over. Was Foreign Minister of Germany from 1938 until 1945. upon the assassination of Hitler, sailors loyal to Raeder were able to overtake a number of Donitz’s U-Boats, which became an integral in Ribbentrop’s plans. [38], Hitler spent almost two months in the Red Cross hospital at Beelitz, returning to his regiment on 5 March 1917. It was not unusual for Hitler, who was fond of children, to take her on to his own lap while he talked late into the night. Having done so, Günsche left the Führerbunker  but  was captured by Soviet troops encircling the city soon thereafter. The charred corpses were found on the afternoon of 2 May 1945 by Russian troops and a photograph of Goebbels' burned face was widely published.

Lehmann died in Coos Bay, Oregon, on 10 October 2008. She was part of a "break-out" group led by Brigadeführer Wilhelm Mohnke, that included secretaries Else Krüger and Traudl Junge. The final straw came in July 1965, when the search of Albert Krumnow’s Berlin location turned up nothing. He calmly said: "God protect Germany. All this was paid for by the DAF, at a cost of 29 million Reichsmarks a year by 1937, and ultimately by the workers themselves through their dues, although the employers also contributed. From July 1944-April 1945, he served as an adjutant to both General Heinz Guderian and General Hans Krebs.

Further, being married to Eva Braun's sister placed him in Hitler's inner circle. As the end of the Third Reich became imminent, Günsche was tasked by Hitler with ensuring the cremation of his body after his death and Günsche stood guard outside the room where Hitler and Eva Braun committed suicide. When the Goebbels marriage reached crisis point in the summer of 1938, over Goebbels´ affair with Czech actress Lída Baarová, Hitler himself intervened and negotiated an agreement whereby the actress would be banished and the couple would keep up public appearances for a year subject to any reasonable conditions Magda might make.

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