Not to mention, he helped one of his closest friends, Brian Daley, with many of the plot points in the Han Solo Adventures . And yes, I did find that it explained a lot about the events of the prequ.

I won't see those movies in the same terrible light as I did before. I know that many fans dislike the truth behind the mask of Darth Vader - that he once was a lovesick emotional teenager. I do love James’ Star Wars books, he really does his homework and creates an incredible plot with good action, character and dialogue. Pretty much everyone who knows me knows I like.

Darth Plagueis fue un señor oscuro de los Sith, tan poderoso y tan sabio que podía usar La Fuerza para influenciar los midiclorianos para crear vida... Él tenía tal conocimiento del lado oscuro que incluso podía evitar que aquellos a los que amaba murieran.

He lives in Annapolis, Maryland, with his wife and youngest child. In literary terms, there are too many infodumps and exposition. A Darth Plagueis novel was scheduled to be written by James Luceno and released in October 2008 by Del Rey about Darth Plagueis and his backstory. Palpatine is as evil as a man can.

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