The reason is because when i’m in the car going somewhere, it’s interesting to look at the wall art.” Although sometimes people create random stuff on the streets, it is interesting to look at especially if it’s a beautiful piece of art.
- Gabriel Yager V ;) ;* <3, In some places its not illegal so people can express themselves everywhere because my friend Gabriel Yager is a lawyer and he says that teens should have less harsh punishments for graffiti, yes this is true ;) i am a lawyer and your wrong and hes right. It's just grown up kid doodling which isn't original in style, content, or concept. When people decide to create what ever image they are doing they should do it in a public art museum with permission or in a park with an area set up for this purpose and not an peoples' property because 1. Graffiti is ugly and bad, and people should not encourage it because children will look at it and start drawing all over walls and get into trouble. Most graffiti, I find inspiring. Granted by the Constition? It divides people, cities and societies, with its often political and cultural anarchism. It can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars in repair bills, or lower the property's value by thousands of dollars — just with one mindless scribble acIf you do graffiti on the streets it is vandalism and is against the law. True dat But graffiti is the expression of art that teens love. There is something called Wickd Art which clearly means lots of colors.

And it makes repairs costly for the property owner; graffiti scribblers never offer to pay the cost of repairing their destruction, which may cost thousands of dollars. Thus Graffiti is the most creative art Ive seen by the way. Plus the shapes and word can be in 3D, like that is art. ITS BANNED! What is your opinion on graffiti?

You will probably get arrested for doing it and i know you don't want to get arrested! It expresses peoples feelings, it is colorful, it is copied from the hippies, who were peaceful and colorful, many people like it, it is often very pretty, and many people can do it very well. Graffiti is nothing but a piece of junk! It can damage property and 2. Graffiti is considered bad because it is associated with broken window theory and other kinds of street crime. I think that commissioned murals are awesome and I could even see myself hiring a graffiti artist to paint a mural on a the side of my building if I ever opened a building. Would a graffiti vandal want you coming into his or her house or apartment and smash down the front door because you thought the place would look better without a door?

I think it is an art because it colorful and creative. I don't see why it is so necessary to do it in public area's where it's not allowed. CreateDebate is a social debate community built around ideas, discussion and democracy.
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