Did you like or dislike Season 2 Episode 1 (aka Chapter 9) of The Mandalorian? It's unlikely that, if Fett is still alive, he'd just be lurking around in the background of scenes–the creators would probably devote at least an episode or two divulging the story of his return. A Yuuzhan Vong named Nom Anor meets Fett on Mandalore and begins giving him and the Mandalorians directions to help their invasion. Star Wars loyalists have been waiting for this since 1983. There is no body, but it’s at the right place and time. Boba Fett is not mentioned by name in this one, but there are some vague mentions of “Mandalorian armor” being salvaged and then worn. [66] In 2014, Star Wars historian Jonathan W. Winzler revealed that Lucas had told him that Fett escaped from the Sarlacc, but this has yet to be demonstrated in the film canon. Claims that Disney confirmed it one way or another are false, although Jon Favreau said in May 2020 that Boba Fett "came to an unceremonious end in Return of the Jedi." [4] Fett's musical theme, composed by John Williams, is "not music, exactly" but "more of a gurgly, viola-and-bassoon thing aurally cross-pollinated with some obscure static sounds. When the prisoners revolt and fight back, Fett flies over and intervenes by tying up Luke, who manages to escape. During the Star Wars Celebration Anaheim panel, Lucasfilm’s Pablo Hidalgo explains how Boba Fett is dead or alive until a new story decides it moving forward.

[3] Boba helps Jango escape from Obi-Wan Kenobi. - May 11, 2020 05:30 pm EDT. Updated to include Jon Favreau's comments at ATX Festival, plus the ambiguity in "Empire's End" / "Life Debt" / "Aftermath" (which all are canon), "Battlefront" (which is not canon), etc. It is related in flashbacks set between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back that Fett stole a bounty Bossk and Zuckuss were hunting on behalf of the Bounty Hunters Guild. This suggests he’s dead or alive. Please refresh the page and try again. Note that none of this is spelled out in his books, each which we’ve reviewed, and therefore cannot be truly considered Star Wars canon. The series reveals that Fett became a family man at one point, though he was forcibly separated from his wife after killing his commanding officer for assaulting her. It’s just another character in Mandalorian armor.

Author Chuck Wendig, who wrote the “Aftermath” trilogy, shared his opinion on Twitter that his intention for the first book was that “[i]t is definitely Boba Fett’s armor, [i]t is [definitely] not Fett in that armor, [and] meaning the name Boba Fett need not be married to a single character, but rather, to whoever wears the armor.” He then elaborated that his second book casts some doubt on that intention. In “Ultimate Star Wars,” the debut canon guidebook, Boba Fett’s page simply says he “falls” into the pit. These Jawas, apparently, love to collect crap.

Jeter set during the events of the original trilogy. That’s because, in the rulebook of big, blockbuster movies like Star Wars, Boba Fett never even really died at all. “LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” the latest video game to include non-story mode situations, includes Boba Fett on Jakku. [21], Fett has been featured extensively in pop culture and parodies. Is Boba Fett a Mandalorian or Does He Just Wear Mandalorian Armor? But after Return of the Jedi, in the timeline of the saga, the writers have been pretty quiet about him. His backstory was depicted differently in Attack of the Clones, leading to the Dark Horse comic Jango Fett: Open Seasons (2003) retconning Mereel to Jango's mentor. The San Francisco Chronicle describes Boba Fett fans as "among the most passionate",[55] and the character is important to Star Wars fan culture.

For other uses, see, "The Mandalorian Armor" redirects here. [97] Between filming The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, Mark Hamill pitched the idea that Fett was Luke Skywalker's mother to George Lucas, which "he didn't like". It's called Star Wars: Aftermath. There is a lot of Star Wars literature about Boba Fett that has since been retroactively ruled non-canon by Disney. Yes, Boba Fett Is Alive in The Mandalorian Season 2. The character quickly became a fan favorite despite his limited presence in the original trilogy, and is a widely recognized figure in popular culture. After Jango's death fighting Mace Windu in the Battle of Geonosis (see: Star Wars: Attack of the Clones), Boba came of age as a smuggler and Bountry Hunter in the Clone Wars. Note that, when Disney bought Lucasfilm and created the Story Group, they decided that all of the books and comics made up until that point were “legends” and not canon. We’ll have to wait and see when something reaches the canon screen/page/etc., but this puts a spin on all of the unconfirmed reports recently about Fett appearing in the show, which is post-ROTJ. Boba Fett’s listing in “Star Wars Galactic Maps: An Illustrated Atlas of the Star Wars Universe” was revealed early online in a fan site’s tweet. “But that doesn’t quite fit in the end.” This infers that Boba Fett is dead. He seems like an all powerful character, except he gets killed. Lover of all things Nintendo, in a tortured love/hate relationship with Crystal Palace, and also possesses an unhealthy knowledge of The Simpsons (which is of no use at parties). According to the official Star Wars website, Fett was voiced by Don Francks in the Holiday Special. [Laughs]. The Mandalorian: The Best Aliens, Weapons and Tech.
In the 1997 Special Edition release of the film, Fett is featured flirting with some of the crime lord's female dancers while in the palace—this was an entirely new scene, not included in any prior theatrical, broadcast, or home video version. [65][90][91] Moran said Vader's admonition specifically to Fett in The Empire Strikes Back—"No disintegrations"—gives Fett credibility; he was interested in Fett because the character is "strong, silent, [and] brutal". There was a problem. The scenes from both episodes take place in the secretive chamber where the Mandalorian tribe hangs out.
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