Harley Benton PowerPlant Powerbank – Thomann UK. Also as mentioned previously, the AS is and amp emulator. It depends where you have the gain set because if I don't have it set low for clean tones (9-10:00) then hitting it with a clean boost seems to make mine breakup. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I truly hope the guitar doesn't weight 43 pounds. I tried putting MXR Micro Amp cranked up a bit between Nova Drive and Joyo and level dropped even more so is it getting a signal that's to high ? Most music < nachos with cheese. And that weight is without a case. Love my Joyo American Sound, works great as a always on edge of breakup amp sim into rental backline or DI'd to FOH.

thats working as expected. I'm fully direct too (Ethos) and have owned the Liverpool at least five times.

Problem is that I only use it for clean sound and when I do that the guitar level is dropped comparing to when it's bypassed.

Not saying that it nails the Vox AC30 sound but it has an amp like character, interesting eq options and can offer decent sustain.

The JOYO American sound guitar effect pedals is one of the UKs most popular Amp simulators from the JOYO first series of pedals.

If I could increase that headroom to work as a completely clean tone shaping machine, I'd be all over it.

With the drive at 9 o'clock you should be fine. Look forward to checking this when I get a chance. love mine too. I use it as a clean amp emulator and use Nova Drive for OD or distortion. So set at edge of break up would work better than a purely clean tone?

Still Jazz, but in the absence of improvisation... Harris vs Haque... please set me straight? I have a Joyo American I use the same way.

Would you use an amp only for a clean tone? Love my Joyo American Sound, works great as a always on edge of breakup amp sim into rental backline or DI'd to FOH. In general learning curves flatten off quickly, so it’s important to keep yourself challenged. Having to just carry in a board and guitar is great. I'll probably get me one from thomann (Harley Benton branded) sooner or later... My guess is they are exactly the same ;-). Would anyone turn off their amp at a gig? The Joyo AS is an amp emulator, use it like you would an amp - put it last and leave it on. I run the JHS angry charlie in front of it as a drive channel, and a Digitech Bad Monkey OD.

But it’s large in size and the construction isn’t as durable as the Boss pedal. one of these pedals would never replace a real amp in a concert/gigging situation, but for short sets where i'm less concerned about "sounding my best" they do great! your should stil be able to juice a fair bit of gain out before the guitar starts to distort. It also keeps you humble as well, which is... A Quilter Interblock 45 and a ZT speaker are the tiniest rig I can come up with with my gear. put them at 50% and adjust up or down from there, but theres usually little reason to not have at least one of them high. In seriousness it’s all about performance context. It is a clone of the Tech 21 Blonde, and as such the Voice control is a pre-distortion stages mid-boost, so by design it has a lot of effect (keep it low for clean Blackface, up for more gain/Tweed sounds etc).
I have the American Sound and use it for headphone practice at home through my mixer. Joyo and Nova drive are in the chain connected with true bypass fx looper (Mark One audio). But the tone is nice.

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I was listening through my phone's speakers, but they both sound great. I kept picking up radio on my two units. Just got mine last week, and I'm using it as an amp sim preamp / pedal platform. The thing is its own preamp, so it's pretty cool to have a 6-knob amp platform that you can do a direct in with on a computer, PA, keyboard monitor, or whatever. You have them set way too low. This gives my slightly lower volume then when Joyo is bypassed but it also gives more white noise (not hum just a really loud amplifier with low input).

To be fair: The pedal is designed to introduce the right kind of overdrive, just like an alnico 12-inch speaker pushed to the limits, adding more natural distortion to an already satu

Both the voice and gain need to stay low to get very clean blackface tones. Have fun! It was supposed to be in Ab but I kept wanting to play natural D's and B's... weird. It's about finding the sweet spot between the voice and drive controls so it's clean sounding and still has a decent level in my experience. No you are right, Gladstone goes off on one.

I returned mine. The genius of this pedal is in its 'Voice' control.

I can't tell the difference. Currently the only American made jazz archtop? I also can't say how it sounds running straight into the pedal.

I've got one that I don't use as much as I hoped I would due to its limited headroom. turn up the gain and eq! Squeezing every penny, as many hidden ways as possible. But every once in awhile I feel the need to become tan pants and blue shirt Blues Engineer (like a Blues Lawyer but with a pocket protector). But as an order of magnitude it checks out in my experience. Making money on shipping, apparently. I use both for my clean and use pedals for dirt... which is how I used my amp prior to this. Hello fellow troglodytes -- I too was unaware of this Joyo JF-14 pedal. I've had a Henriksen Bud for awhile now, and I really like it - it's very clean, it works well with an archtop and an acoustic and probably many other instruments that I don't play. It's in a loop as my pedal board is for acoustic and electric guitars so when I play acoustic I can take these two pedals out of the chain it out. Set everything to 12 o'clock and start making small adjustments one knob at a time...you'll get a way better understanding of how all of the eq's interact.

The summer after i got it, i built a Princeton Reverb, and that pretty much took away my need for a pedal with a clean fender sound lol.

Like most guitarists in a church situation, i am asked to turn down a lot (no joke, i was asked to turn down while running a Vox AC4TV on the 1-Watt setting and they had pulled me from the main entirely.......wow).

I bought four of them (American, British, California, AC Tone) because they were dirt cheap and they offer flexibility (and portability) in ways I may not even appreciate yet.

instead for the non-clean tone, what "out" actually is in your scenario - or why, really.

They def get you in the ballpark, and really do sound good, but they wouldn't take the place of an amp full time. JavaScript is disabled. The Gear Page is the leading online community and marketplace for guitars, amps, pedals, effects and associated gear.

It is a clone of the Tech 21 Blonde, and as such the Voice control is a pre-distortion stages mid-boost, so by design it has a lot of effect (keep it low for clean Blackface, up for more gain/Tweed sounds etc).

Hi Darkwaters -- just to be clear (I think you understand but I just want to make sure I'm saying this right...) By 9 o'clock I mean around a 1/4 turn of the knob from zero, or about half way up to noon. I put it on my board and never even tried it by itself. This gives my slightly lower volume then when Joyo is bypassed but it also gives more white noise (not hum just a really loud amplifier with low input). I haven't noticed the hssss that darkwaters mentioned, but once I get to practice and turn the Bud to gig level, I'll know if it's an issue or not. Asturias AST-60 Short Classical Guitar - $1,000... Can you help me understand what I am missing in this solo? I have a Blonde on one board and an Oxford on another. I play mostly at churches doing short sets on crowded stages, so the idea of not having to lug a TON of stuff to play 2-7 songs sounds very appealing. I was impressed as soon as I got the American Sound. Otherwise they were excellent.

It's hollow, right? Really either way. I think it's working fine, having the drive really low kills the level significantly. Very nice - I like that model.

i finally sold mine this week to a buddy at church. I quite like AC Tone for situations where I just need to learn a song and am playing direct along with mp3's on the computer. Really handy pedals to have. BTW, I'm setting mine with low, mid and high at around noon, level at 2 o'clock, voice at noon, and drive at 9 o'clock.

GE7. It could be defective, but I'm not sure what you are doing - the joyo in a looper, using something else (?)
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