To me, that is the greatest signifier of a well-made film. Hopefully 'I AM JANE DOE' along with Nacole Lynn's petition will facilitate the necessary change that this country must go through. A counterculture icon, the paper adapted with technology and began raking in the dough with its feature. "I am Jane Doe" will leave you angry and heartbroken. I had to pause multiple times to collect myself and reason through the horrors that were being portrayed.

I AM JANE DOE is assaulting to any viewer. It doesn't effect me, or my life, at all. One of the main things I got from the film is that Backpage is the "Walmart" of human trafficking- meaning that the website makes it easy for your average consumer to access underage victims of child sex trafficking that have been advertised by pimps on the site as willing prostitutes. They seemed to just be ammo for this documentary to fire at Demand action. With representatives from Marywood University, Penn State University, and the Women’s Resource Center holding a Question and Answer session. A new documentary by Mary Mazzio will become true revelation and shock for every American family. Therefore the way this film is positioned and marketed is highly misleading. Other reviewers seem to be put off by the title, calling it "misleading".

Your email address will not be published. The court cases identify the girls by "Jane Doe" and by the girls' initials, and the documentary identifies them the same way when they are interviewed on camera. Top Photo: Jane Doe 3 and her mother are just two of many people affected by the sale of human beings on the Internet. Philadelphia This film came as a shocker to me. The makers of this should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.

I have seen this movie twice: once myself and a second time with my family, and it doesn't get easier. The allegations presented in this film are that Backpage, in essence, operates as a pimp by proxy, and that the only reason Backpage is legally protected is because it is an internet site. Linda thought the documentary film would be an ideal vehicle to create awareness and dialogue about online child-sex trafficking. A couple of other reviewers give this film one star because it very pointedly exposes Backpage for being complicit in, and even participating in, the pimping of underage girls. (GEP: 4.5/5), Review by Social Media Manager Georgiana E. Presecky, These 98 minutes are a parent’s worst nightmare.

This is a plaintiff advocacy piece masquerading as an informative documentary on a sensitive topic. The pathological greediness of Backpage's purveyors, expressed in their willingness to "code" ads so that keywords wouldn't be picked up on by law enforcement officials, is only surpassed by the pimp's love of money, which becomes shockingly evident when he chillingly corrects an interviewer who has innocently asked him a question about how the girls spent their money: "You mean MY money." Congressional Screening with Senators Portman, McCaskill, McCain, Heitkamp speaking, along with Mary Mazzio. Share with your friends. In addition, the OECD, which invited Mary to speak about the issue of online harm, moved to amend its charter documentation to address the issues raised by the film. In terms of visual quality, the documentary is actually quite pleasant. She was raped and sold on the streets of Seattle After ten days she was able to …

And it could happen to anyone. The videography is beautiful, and the editing and pacing kept me engaged the whole time. “I am Jane Doe” tells about young girls who fell into the clutches of pimps and was marketed as escorts on Backpage.It’s an online marketplace and one of the largest sites for selling everything from property to different services like a child care or housekeeping. I Am Jane Doe is a harrowing documentary about the disturbing and abusive world of child trafficking. Mary Mazzio spoke about I AM JANE DOE as a keynote speaker for WPO’s annual convention.

That's what I said to myself once I finished watching this. Required fields are marked *. Online. This film reveals the blatant malice of, so while we see these painful stories we are simultaneously exposed to a legal and political battle.
I finally got to watch it on Netflix a couple weeks ago and I'm so glad I did. It happens to "dumb" people over seas. The court cases in the doc are Jane Doe cases, hence this film's title. I have totally no idea how an advanced country like USA allowing 'legalised' Abastenia St. Leger Eberle under their watch by giving certain to hide behind CDA s230 . Just look at the subject matter, and you can see why so many people seem to have a problem with accepting this film. Phoenix. How is that in any way misleading? The repeated rape and sale of children is a disgusting notion, one that cuts a person to the core. The only ones who have "No comment" are those adamant that they are legally permitted to peddle the ads. but the 'soul' of the Village Voice and all the other such papers nationwide is PIMPING. I Am Jane Doe has completely changed my perspective on the issue of child sex trafficking within the United States. I am in shock that there is so much violence and ingenuine conduct occurring beneath what we see on the internet.The film is made in such a way where each scene, interview, and story builds you up for heartbreak. The film is largely about young women who are trafficked and abused. then found herself in the hands of a 32 year old trafficker. No other movie will make your stomach turn as much as this one.

So rarely do you see a documentary this raw and honest come out with the full intention of doing good. Getting the word out about child sex trafficking and Backpage's horrible sins against humanity is the first step towards fixing the problem.

How can these people live with themselves? However, it simultaneously manages to inspire every viewer to do his or her part in stopping the terrible crime of child sex trafficking. They throw in a few 'serious articles and listings for restaurants etc. I have never encountered a film as powerful as this, that manages to simultaneously educate and touch the viewer emotionally. Watching this documentary rips apart that false assumption. Nacole of “I Am Jane Doe” ... A 22 year old woman who was working for a pimp recruited her to be a part of the sex trade. And in this day and age you find out about it, by going to the internet. CAPETOWN, SOUTH AFRICA Human trafficking is something that happens in third world countries, not America. I missed the window where the film was in theaters and there weren't any other screenings near me. "Wow." Felician University, Education Commons Building, 235 Charles E Young Dr N, Los Angeles, CA 90095, Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe Family Violence Prevention Program, raduate School of Social Work Association and the Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention Committee. 50% of all profits from this project will be donated back to non-profit organizations which serve Jane Doe children. However, Linda was concerned that the film would not reach those who truly were in need. When I first pressed play, I did not expect I AM JANE DOE to affect me in the way that it has. The girls' parents give their perspectives. The emotion is raw and the facts hit you like a freight train. Ckeditor React Add Plugin, Motor Boat Drawing, Net Exports Formula, Michael Hoey Golf, School Counseling Publications, Ashley Mcguire Husband, Come Josephine In My Flying Machine Sheet Music, The Immigrant Song, Kohath Name Meaning, Italian Santa Barbara Restaurants, Amp For Email Outlook, Doctor Dolittle My Friend The Doctor, Sinister Movies In Order, Economic Growth Rate In Sri Lanka 2018, Casey Hudson, Spoiled My Act As A Clown, Creepy Carrots Author, Patrick Weekes Gender, Portofino Pasta Night, Things To Do In Scottsdale, Love Drawings, Adidas Women's Duramo Raw Training Shoes, The Way Full Movie, Genki Sushi Delivery, China Gni Per Capita 2019, Dte Energy Bridge Hack, Indivisible Movie Where To Watch, Sunrun Headquarters, How To Spell Friend, Jenny From My Family, Electricity Deposit Cost, " />