Let us understand that too. There is one more thing mentioned in the definition above, i.e., not hidden by CSS. This was all about handling hidden elements in your automation project by using Selenium WebDriver with Java programming language. 10% Discount on all Annual Plans, Use Code HALLOWEEN10,Ends in.

Hide div that contains specific text with JavaScript? How to get LocalDateTime object from java.sql.Date using JDBC?

How To Perform Localization Testing Using Selenium WebDriver? All you need to do is set up some properties in your code, connect to the lambda grid host using your user name, and access key as variables. @Anita, you can handle hidden web elements by using JavaScript Executor in Selenium Webdriver. I am just trying to build the knowledge base for you. Run the program and you will find that it runs successfully without any exception. He is also an experienced IT professional, who loves to share his thoughts about the latest tech trends as an enthusiast tech blogger. The Selenium WebDriver interface has predefined the getText() method, which helps retrieve the text for a specific web element. Let us see an example: We have picked up the header image, which has no corresponding text, and we will be using the getText() method on the element. !

Original text.

One such scenario is how to get the text of an element in Selenium. JavaScript - Get the text of a span element. How to click on across browsers using Selenium Webdriver? Today’s agenda is to discuss the technique to handle hidden elements with Selenium WebDriver.
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