Academy (Tutorial)Firefly ForestShiverchill MountainsSkywatchBonfire SpireShipwreck Shore He was at his normal place there, Firewatch Road. on Want to change your Prodigy Character’s Name? Cool!

The spell, Shadow Shock, which is the only move which Pippet does in battle, is weak on Astral types. If Pippet is at Shiverchill Mountains, I think he would be at Treasure Room, but I haven’t actually seen Pippet here yet. Shadow Shock does around 1900 damage to pets and around 1300 damage to level 100 wizards, however, the damage amount will depend on your level. By the way, I guess you could say my character, Mario Goodward, has multiple personalities.

Here is a picture. You play like normal, and fight him. Pippet wont be at the Dark Tower, the Academy, Lamplight Town, or Dyno Dig Oasis, so save some time and skip those places. Pippet uses the Shadow element.

You can do this very quickly without much trouble. After a battle with Pippet, you and your pets gain 20 stars instead of 10 stars and for parent accounts 21 instead of 11. From anywhere in the game, just click on yourself, select the Change Style square, then there’s a button with a boy and a girl with arrows. However, the spell is powerful on all the other elements. Each day, Pippet be found in an area in the island. I have no idea where he was, and I wish I did. The Puppet Master is the main antagonist of Prodigy, debuting in the game by attempting to terminate the Elemental gems but fails to, and instead scatters them across the Prodigy world, cutting off the bridge to the Academy. But even if he’s not there for you (sometimes my sister finds him somewhere different than I found him), you can quickly look in all of these places to find him, and it will take no more than 3 minutes to locate him. Species Get there by entering Skywatch, and head to the next screen through the top left diagonal corner. Good luck! Location First of all, you can check my daily post to see where I found him and head straight there. Mario Goodward here. When they are in Bonfire Spire, they say: Pippet's name is very similar to "puppet", and Pippet is the puppet of the Puppet Master. But instead, I had to go sledding in the real world. First of all, you can check my daily post to see where I found him and head straight there. I was glad to find Pippet here, because the past two days in a row, he was at Shipwreck Shores. You can change your look while you’re there, too. Defeat Pippet, and get bonus stars and a rare Copper Coin!". Anyway today at Skywatch, Pippet was in his regular spot, at Gardener’s Hut: Exterior. I need to learn more, I need to improve my general post, and honestly, I need to get better at finding Pippet. Look for him there, or check my general post about finding him quickly if he’s not there. I looked. From the main screen, go diagonally to the top left corner, Pippet is on that screen, Gardener’s Hut: Exterior. In my file today, Pippet is at Skywatch.

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