Foreign Policy is usually viewed as an extension of domestic policy.

According to Prof. Tailor, “Foreign policy of a sort which will go on so long as are sovereign states” For an operational definition of foreign policy, we can say that it consists of the action which a state undertakes to achieve its national interest in the global environment. What underlay his vision of regional cooperation and development? Bangabandhu's government earned, in these critical two years, the rare honour of seeing most nations in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas accord it diplomatic recognition. In 1974, he dispatched delegations led by his foreign minister to several countries considered to be of great political and economic importance. His speech at the United Nations delivered after our admission as member on September 25, 1974, in my view seminally set the tone and tenor of the underlying principles for our foreign policy. His famously enunciated dictum, that our foreign policy was based on the bedrock of "friendship towards all, and malice towards none," therefore, is not merely a catchy phrase inspired by Lincoln; it flows from his convictions as enunciated above. Dhaka was in little mood to be seen as being under the influence of Delhi.

That Bangladesh was committed to pursuing a secular democratic structure was a powerful factor in persuading other nations of the need to give the new nation its rightful place in the councils of the world. On being informed by the writer that he was from Bangladesh, Heath stopped for a while; there was a twinkle in his eyes and a smile on his lips.

But for us in the emerging world, ultimately, we must have faith in ourselves and in our capacity, through the united and concerted efforts of our peoples, to fulfill our destiny and to build for ourselves a better future.".

The new government in Dhaka, conscious of the decisive Soviet role at the United Nations Security Council, where Moscow vetoed all resolutions that looked about to prevent the fall of Pakistan in Bangladesh, certainly understood the need for close ties with the Soviet Union. I do believe that he understood full well that neutrality entailed not getting enmeshed in the cut-throat rivalries of fiercely contesting great powers, whether between the powers in his immediate neighbourhood (India and China) or the superpowers that dominated a deeply divided world (US-USSR). In recent days, Washington raced to decipher the Mueller report and Indonesian voters cast ballots at more than 800,000 polling stations. Everyone around us would do well to try and fathom better where we, as a nation, come from, just as we too shall respect their own visions. Foreign Policy’s latest podcast recommends shows from around the world.

China’s growing influence in Latin America and climate change will both continue to shape the future of the bilateral relationship.

He made several allusions to Bangladesh becoming the "Switzerland of the east", not merely in the sense of promoting tourism. It would be very moot to revisit the foundations of our policy that were laid down by the Father of the Nation during his  lifetime and to reflect on whether we have followed or deviated from them. Muslims fear the worst. Then he affirms: "Peace is an imperative for the survival of mankind; it represents the deepest aspirations of men and women throughout the world. This quiet diplomacy was sustained throughout Bangabandhu's life. It can be argued, therefore, that Bengali secular democracy, having been acknowledged by the world as Bangladesh's defining diplomatic principle, led to a swift opening of doors everywhere. Given the trauma the Bengali nation has faced in the years since his assassination, the relevance of that belief rises out of the mists of time.

One sees this as a repetitive theme in his national and international pronouncements. Obviously, therefore, a strong, constructive bonding with India was in order. They are all part of a greater comity of nations. Bangladesh Table of Contents. It was against such a background of Soviet support to the Bangladesh cause in 1971 that Bangabandhu paid an official visit to Moscow in March 1972.

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