The Dr. Dabber SWITCH stands out because it uses induction technology, which sets it apart from other electric dab rigs. ), Induction technology allows this rig to heat up faster than traditional rigs (it reaches dab-ready temperatures in about four seconds), Extremely long battery life (150 dabs off single charge), Offers 25 heat settings you can adjust to your preferred dab setting, Quartz banger sold separately (but two ceramic cups are included), LED light display is less advanced than some rigs (which have OLED display), Comes with glass nail (which you may want to replace with quartz or titanium version), Showerhead percolator breaks up smoke for maximum filtration, You may want to replace glass dab nail (Look for 14.5mm replacement! There’s a heat setting for that, too. (Check out our guide to the best dab nails available right now.). That should be easy, because the joint is 14.5mm (one of the most common dab nail sizes). Fresh from KandyPens, the Oura is a powerful portable electric dab rig for concentrates. Product Description The Purr Glass 6.5" Black Mode Bottle Oil Rig is a cool little bottle-shaped, American glass dab rig that's built with a 14mm Male joint, 4 diffusion slit... $89.99 Sale price $119.99 However, others feel this method is painful and harsh on the lungs/throat. And some expensive dab rigs too. The percolator here is a disc percolator with four holes, helping break up the smoke into smaller bubbles, helping filter it before it even hits the recycler feature.

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