The menu showcases carnivorous classics such as brisket and pork spare ribs as well as smoked prime rib, whole smoked chicken and smoked pork belly. It’s led pitmasters to take to the streets, or rather, their front yards.

Copyright © 2004–2020 Yelp Inc. Yelp, , and related marks are registered trademarks of Yelp. from finely shredded cabbage, meaty beans As such, Phoenix residents have nearly canonized the folks from Little Miss, who toil through the heat to bring Central Texas-style barbecue to folks hungry enough to line up for an hour plus in the blistering sun. They recently expanded from a tiny shack in Brenham to the big leagues of Houston, a move that’s sure to shake up the city’s barbecue hierarchy. -- DG, There can be a tricky relationship between a BBQ outfit expanding to multiple locations and still retaining the fervent following that made said expansion possible in the first place, but Central and its three Memphis outposts still inspire just as much local love as they ever did. of ranch-style beans, grits, potato salad Owner and pit master Donnie Vercher is a third-generation barbecue man, and there are reasons why his barbecue restaurant has somehow managed to stay alive despite being located inside of a gas station. Along the way to the tiny North Carolina town of Ayden, you’ll pass dozens of abandoned barns, and it’s no stretch of the imagination to say that those farmers who long since passed ate many a chopped pork sandwich for lunch.

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Memphis-style ribs are usually served with a dry rub, and the sweet, spicy, tomato and vinegar-laden sauce is often served on the side.

Buy a beer first at German bar Prost -- the Matt’s trailer is now parked in their side yard -- and drink it while you wait in line. Once you’ve reached the front of the line (expect a manageable wait around an hour), the brisket is a must, but the jalapeño cheddar sausage puts Texas’s legacy cased meat purveyors to shame. From cracklings to pepper sauce and slaws, this place is legit. Pair that with a killer cocktail menu and the genius pies of Ashley Capps, Buxton’s James Beard-nominated pastry chef, and you’ve got a barbecue destination of the nth degree. And in addition to some of the best-tasting, fattiest brisket in the state, there’s few bites of meat in the barbecue world as indulgent as their intensely-marbled Akaushi beef ribs. Few figures in barbecue are as revered as Mike Mills and as respected as his daughter Amy, the driving forces behind 17th Street BBQ. -- DG, Lewis Donald jumped on the barbecue scene in the Belmont neighborhood of Charlotte, a city not typically known for its barbecue traditions like the pork shoulders of Lexington fame or the whole hog further east. You'll find brisket, And sure, you'll also find chopped pork and ribs and chicken on said buffet, and they are good, but mutton is definitely the juicy heart and flavorful soul here. When it comes to barbecue, Kansas City is not doctrinaire. Black soot covers the inside public foyer and pit room from the years of cooking inside a building.

rub-slathered baby-backs. -- DG, Los Angeles doesn’t have a barbecue style to call its own, but few American cities have a street food culture as vibrant. The food absolutely exceeded my expectations and as someone who isn't a big BBQ fan this was such a wonderful experience! At Beast, Old Hickory pits smoke only the finest proteins, from Duroc pork to Wagyu brisket. The…” more, “Decided to drop by before work this afternoon to pick up some BBQ to-go. This place has it all, Carolina style mustard based sauce, a vinegar based house, a sweet store bought style bbq sauce, and a sauce with a pleasant amount of heat. crowds at this tiny Texas-style 'cue

customers jostle politely among the Also I was charged extra for lean brisket and was still given brisket that had fat all over it. ©2020 Group Nine Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. Bar-B-Q in Decatur, Alabama. The chicken here changed my life and I can't NOT order it.” more, “Please go to this bbq joint! Sound like Greek to you? -- Nicole A. Taylor, There are many paths to achieve the title of pitmaster. And like most of the other joints on this list, early arrival is recommended, because you best believe they’re selling out. More than that, Sweet Lew’s has done something unique in a city where rapid growth and shiny new concepts have often done more harm than good to its longtime residents -- it’s become part of the neighborhood, and quick. The cooking pits are fired directly with hickory embers.

Worth the upgrade. Cattleack is just one of several places raising Dallas’s barbecue profile to full on destination.

natives Jonathan and Justin Fox, “Just North of Downtown on The N. St. Mary's Strip, unique local flavor like our best selling Fried Avocado Burger. Check out our full list of the best BBQ joints in Charleston, As the small city of Lexington grew in barbecue might (it boasts more than 20 joints despite a population of less than 20,000), the Piedmont school of Carolina barbecue, with its vinegary red sauce, came to be known as Lexington-style, and a big reason a small town serves as a stand in for a region is the Monk family behind (what else?) There's gonna be a mutton boom in 2019. At this point it’s almost considered gospel that her food is the best in the state (and Texans will tell you, that means the best in the world). The husband/wife owners’ journey into barbecue began with a backyard Brinkman vertical smoker, took a left turn towards fine dining at iconic spots ranging from Underbelly to Per Se, and then returned to the world of smoke.

-- DG, Never mind that pitmaster Matt Vicedomini grew up on Long Island and learned his craft in Australia. Instead it's the exact place you want to be. -- Keia Mastrianni, There’s a certain charm to barbecue shacks located in the middle of nowhere, but Cattleack proves that operating out of a crumbling bungalow isn’t a requisite for great meat, any old strip mall will do for the right pitmaster.

pork and turkey breast, along with sides can also be purchased online. Memphis joint is best known for its Memphis barbecue restaurants: One can't talk about Memphis BBQ without mentioning the smoked slabs of pork ribs, as well as chopped or pulled pork sandwiches and plates. Great food, real modern BBQ. NOW it's perfect.

LeAnn Mueller has such a lineage. She grew up busing tables at Louie Mueller Barbecue in Taylor and now helms one of Austin’s finest barbecue operations, which after a vagabond trailer journey from four separate locations finally landed in, of all places, a convenience store. Beast’s David Sandusky followed that path, bringing chefy meticulousness and a reverence for ingredients to St. Louis’s barbecue scene. The line starts moving at 8am, but if you think that’s early, consider that Tootsie starts shoveling coals to prepare around 2am. Check out our list of the rest of the best LA BBQ joints, Few have done more to celebrate whole-hog barbecue than James Beard Award-winning pitmaster Rodney Scott.

White sauce flecked

impossible tenderness. Besides that I would go back for more food. How did deep-hued pork shoulders and vinegar-drenched pork parts end up in the big city? are always good choices as well.

Be sure to order the sweet potato waffle: The sweetness is a nice break between fatty bites. See More, Locals Culver City, CA 90230, Maple Block Meat Company in Culver City pays homage to the traditions of Texas barbecue. -- ML Does the meat need a mop splattering of mustard liquid? They don't trim the meat into pristine competition cuts, but rather use thick smoke and tangy sauce to summon something primal from the blackened burnt ends, which are miracle morsels of fat, smoke, salt and sweet. -- MC, Located in the Arkansas Delta, this jewel started with a hole in the ground before Jones grandfather's built the cinder blocks pits. Many succulent cultural nods, like the Jamaican jerk spare ribs, are eclipsed by hearty sides like the meaty smoked pit beans. The food is so good and it felt great to support a black owned business!

-- Howard Conyers, When it comes to barbecue, Kansas City is not doctrinaire. Eating will be sold out before you If you are a Texas BBQ enthusiast, all roads should go through Lockhart. specimen, the cracked peppercorn exterior Ragtop Fern isn’t your traditional barbecue restaurant, but rather a weekend pop-up on the stoop of the self-taught pitmaster’s home. In an era when so much KC 'cue comes off propane-assisted commercial pits, the Jones sisters only burn logs in the weathered old locker smoker in the parking lot of their cinder block shack.

It's still pretty much the same drill it's been for decades -- pork shoulders get 10 hours over mostly oak coals and transform into pork perfection. and visitors alike flock to Bounty Hunter His tender brisket’s bark comes with a perfect love bite of salt and pepper, the white-oak-smoked ribs look like a Platonic ideal and taste of pure soul, and the cheese-and-jalapeno hot links are West-coast legend.

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